My Internship at DMR

Aya Yamauchi
The School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University

I cannot appreciate enough that I was given the chance to work at DMR as an intern since working in international trading had been one of my dreams for the longest time. I have come to the fifth month of my internship program, about a month left, and so far, this internship program has turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. Here, I would like to share those experiences and what I learned so far through this internship.


Motive for application:

My experience of living in 2 different countries (The United States and Japan) has made me become interested in international business. The reason why I applied for this internship program was because I wanted an experience through interning at a trading firm before I started a real job and learn about international business and trading as well as how my strengths can be utilized in real life business scenes.

Here, I had the chance to hear about the company and the job I was assigned to do. I also had a chance to talk to one of the interns. After talking to one of the interns here, I became all the more interested in this job.

I was assigned to do a presentation at the interview. I talked to 3 interviewers on the same day.

Before starting the actual work, I went through a month long training through numbers of workshops. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information about logistics, marketing, and internet skills, business manners and basic legal understanding I needed to acquire. However, at the same time, that made me all the more excited about putting that knowledge into real work afterword.

My main task as a buyer at DMR was importing products and sold it through DMR`s EC platform. Every month, interns will be required to meet a certain amount of profit, which will serve as a goal for each month.

1. Researching:
Researching items which can be sold utilizing DMRs marketing tools and has demand in the domestic market.

2. Negotiating with the supplier:
Negotiating with the supplier was the most interesting part of my DMR experience. Your bargaining power will be tested.

3. Ordering:
Ordering the items is one of the most difficult part as you need to order the right amount of items.

4. Selling:
You sell the items through DMRs website, writing the details of the item and preparing the pictures.

5. Advertising:
You will decide which advertising method is best suited for the product.

6. Managing stocks:
There is a certain requirement of how much money worth of stocks you can keep in the storage.

Corporate culture:
The corporate culture is very open to diversity and innovative opinions. As interns will be attending the meetings and will be required to give opinions on several projects, the more logical your opinions are, the better. However, interns may be required to have some understanding of Japanese since the meetings and discussions will be conducted in Japanese.

What I learned:
What I learned through the internship at DMR in addition to hard skills such as IT skills, logistics and marketing, is the sense of responsibility and the significance of self-motivation. Interns will be treating a large amount of companies finance in their importing process. The sense of responsibility has pushed my sales volume to nearly 1,000,000yen. In addition to the monthly operations (buying goods from overseas), DMRs liberated corporate culture will give you the chance to test your strengths through contributing to the company and other staff members. For me, by negotiating with the suppliers, I was able to learn about negotiating and improve my bargaining skills. Other interns have been involved in the management of corporate finance. What is unique about DMR is that, unlike the traditional Japanese hierarchical structure of large companies, DMR has a very flat organization, so your decisions will not be limited by your age or position. It just depends on how motivated you are.

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